TWW. What does it stand for? What could it possibly mean? How can this short, three letter abbreviation make a period of our lives feel so endless. Three words.

Two. Week. Wait.

It’s that period after G has ovulated (and for us, after the insemination actually takes place), and before we can actually take a pregnancy test to find out if it worked.

TWWThe waiting game is the hardest. It feels like we are constantly waiting. We wait for the beginning of G’s menstruation and start counting the days. We wait for the ultrasound appointment to check G’s follicles. We inject. We wait 32 hours for G’s ovulation and she gets inseminated. We wait a day before G starts taking hormone pills. And if there hasn’t been any sign of blood by the time we’ve waited 14 days since the insemination, we can take a pregnancy test. If it’s a BFN (big fat negative), we start the waiting game again.

I will be thrilled when this waiting game ends, and the 8 month waiting game begins.