Pregnancy · Week by Week Update

Week 24 update

G and I spent most of this week apart. I stayed in Berlin looking after our two adorable cats, and she went to visit her family for what possibly was the last time alone! Next time, we’ll be bringing along our potentially bouncing, bubbly little baby girl! I say potentially, because who knows what kind of personality our little girl is going to have, and by the time we lift our “if you want to see our baby you will have to come to us” rule, our baby will possibly be doing more than sleeping, eating and pooping.

At the end of week 24, our baby is as big as a cantaloupe.

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Symptoms: More or less the same stuff, including nosebleeds, tiredness, and cramping, with added poor circulation and dizziness, and skin irritation.

Earlier in the week we had a pretty crazy day. We had to leave our flat early so that I could go to the Australian embassy to apply for a new passport, then we had lunch plans at Dolores California Burritos (it is super important that I mention this), walked quite a distance to visit Baby Walz and then our lawyer, before finally heading home. We haven’t had one of those days for a while, and it took a lot out of G. This was the first day that being pregnant really had an impact on her. It didn’t help that she didn’t drink nearly enough water for the amount of walking we were doing, so with all the activity and general excitement of the day, G felt really nauseous and dizzy.

It makes total sense though, and when we left the hustle and bustle behind us, G realised that she simply can’t keep up with what she used to be able to do pre-pregnancy. G immediately contacted our midwife that afternoon, and she informed us that drinking plenty of fluids, in addition to taking it easy, would help ease any dizziness.

After the Easter weekend, we head into our last week of the holidays. We have our next gynaecology appointment this coming week, and we look forward to the beginning of G’s 7th month pregnant!


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