Pregnancy · Week by Week Update

Week 39 update

How did we get here? How are we now in the 40th week? After a long and unintentional break from our blog, we are back and ready to provide you with some sort of an update! As I am writing this post, we only have six days before our little girl’s due date! What? We are very much prepared for her to come later than her estimated due date, which is next Tuesday 1st August, but we’d obviously like to meet her as soon as possible! As teachers, we have the luxury of being off on summer holidays right now, and this is particularly useful for me as I don’t have to take time off when G goes into labour, but if our little girl comes late, I won’t be around as much once she is born 😦

At the end of week 39, our baby is as big as a pumpkin.

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Symptoms: Finding a comfortable sitting position or laying position is impossible at the moment, extreme exhaustion, nauseousness, Braxton Hicks contractions (no pain, just a lot of abdominal tightening), and needing to pee 24/7.

G has had a great pregnancy. She has loved every moment of being pregnant, from feeling our little one moving around and kicking inside her, to having that pregnancy glow. As we sit here waiting for little one to arrive (cut to us watching television!), I asked my amazing wife what she will miss most about being pregnant, and she simply said everything. She is so grateful for being able to experience the wonder of human life growing inside her and she is actually sad that it will be over soon. That isn’t to say that she isn’t excited to meet our baby girl when it’s time, but the whole experience has been unforgettable. As the non-biological Mum who also plans to carry our future child/children, I am in awe of how amazing this woman is, and how she has handled the entire journey. Women are rockstars, and my wife has proven this.