Our Journey

March 2012 – First meeting in London.

24 September 2012 – First official date and kiss ♥

30 July 2014 – We move to Berlin, Germany.

November 2014First meeting with the fertility clinic where we are told that by German law, we need to be married before the process can begin. “G” goes through routine medical tests.

14 February 2015 – We get married ♥

August 2015 – We sign the fertility clinic contract in front of lawyers… because of bureaucracy and legalities.

September 2015 – “G” goes through more medical tests.

6 November 2015 – 1st insemination (BFN).

End November early December 2015 – Early ovulation, so we missed this cycle.

December 2015 – The Christmas holidays meant that the fertility clinic was closed when “G” was ovulating, so we missed this cycle as well.

19 January 2016 – 2nd insemination (BFN).

12 February 2016 – 3rd insemination (BFN).

March and April 2016 – We decided to take a break as we were travelling overseas for the Easter holidays.

19 May 20164th insemination (BFN).

13 June 2016 – 5th insemination (BFN).

6 July 2016 – 6th insemination (BFN).

28 July 2016 – 7th insemination (BFN).

August and September 2016We weighed up our options, and decided that IVF would be the next step. We took these months to save, educate ourselves, buy medication and prepare for the IVF process.

29 September 2016 – Beginning of the IVF process.

10 October 2016 – Egg retrieval procedure for “G”.

14 October 2016 – 1st IVF attempt (BFN).

11 November 2016 – 2nd IVF attempt.

24 November 2016 – ♥ BIG FAT POSITIVE ♥


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